In March 2017 I joined Postmates as a product designer on their Growth team. Having used Postmates since college, I was familiar with the product and the on-demand delivery space and was excited by the opportunity to grow as a designer.

At the time experimentation was a driving force for innovation within the company, and they needed some design help on their Growth team. As the sole designer on Growth, I ramped up quickly to start designing screens for experiments on the main consumer app.

Referrals and inviting contacts

One of the first projects I worked on was a referral campaign: give $100 in delivery credit to new users, receive $10 in delivery credit to use yourself. I also worked flows on iOS and Android for inviting contacts to try Postmates.

Search prominence

Without filters as a means of sorting the feed, we recognized that many of our users relied on our search feature to find the restaurants they wanted quickly and easily. We experimented with making the search bar sticky and more visually prominent.

Apple and Android Pay

As part of some campaigns, we introduced the ability to order via Apple Pay and Android Pay on Postmates. Customers using the new payment methods for the first time received free delivery on their order.

Other projects

While much of my time on Growth was experimenting with the feed, I also worked on a number of other projects to grow engagement among Postmates customers.

Popular items and recent orders

Once users had opened a restaurant, there wasn't much to help aid them in their decision of what to eat. For top restaurants that we had enough data for we added popular items to show what entrees were most ordered. And for repeat restaurants, we showed items you had recently ordered to help you decide whether to go with an old favorite or try something new.

Onboarding and permissions

I took a look at onboarding screens on Android, coming up with new screens to better explain Postmates and our value proposition. I also surveyed app permissions throughout the app in an effort to boost conversion on users allowing notification and location permissions.